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From its early days as a post-secondary college, Hong Kong Baptist University has grown from strength to strength over the past 60 years. With the aspiration of becoming one of the region’s premier higher education institutions, HKBU remains committed to academic excellence, innovative research and service to the community.


The theme of Whole Person Education for a Better World has been aptly chosen for the celebration of HKBU's 60th anniversary. It is a time for us to take pride in our noble mission of nurturing the next generation with intellectual capacity, creativity, cultural appreciation, moral commitment, community care, and civic responsibility. Together, we will celebrate our past achievements as we look forward to soaring to new heights.


On this joyous occasion, I would like to recognise the contributions made by our students, alumni, colleagues, partners, and supporters in the community whose dedicated efforts over the years have laid a strong foundation for HKBU. I look forward to celebrating this important milestone with you.



Professor Roland T Chin

President and Vice-Chancellor