Mr Cheng Yankee


This year we joyously celebrate the 60th birthday of Hong Kong Baptist University.


According to the Chinese calendar, '60 years' is very special as it marks the beginning of a new cycle.  For HKBU, we believe that its rich heritage and proud academic tradition will stand it in good stead as it enters the next stage of development.  The concerted efforts of the HKBU community will help propel the University towards its goal of becoming the regional leader in whole person education that delivers academic excellence and innovation.


Throughout 2016, there will be events that showcase the achievements, strengths and contributions of our University under the theme of Whole Person Education for a Better World. This guiding principle pioneered by our founding fathers will continue to inspire and drive HKBU forward, serving its graduates well with the University gaining a reputation as one of Asia’s finest institutions of higher education.


We hope you will share in our joy. The HKBU community looks forward to seeing you at the celebratory events specially designed to enable our friends and supporters to experience the vibrant and dynamic culture of the University.



Cheng Yan-kee

Council and Court Chairman

Chairman of 60th Anniversary Steering Committee